Saturday, September 24, 2011

Now, only i can tell..what my feeling are..its too much for me..Allah help me to find the STRENGTH..
the STRENGTH to face others..there's been so much feeling fill my day..

i hope there is someone can understand me and remind me..why it's too hard to be me..there are much better having someone to hug me,comfort me, hold my hands when i am no longer strong to be me..

Allah, i know all had happen are reminder from you to make me become a better person..but sometimes i need someone to hear heart...forgive me Allah..forgive me..

to you who i thought you are..
 for all i had done..i'm not perfect..n i can't be perfect..

may i know what your answer when the time comes..thank for all this time..
EVERYBODY HAS PROBLEMS.EVERYBODY HAS BAD TIMES. Do we sacrifice all the good times because of THEM?

Some say holding on what makes you STRONG..but it takes much more STRENGTH to just LET GO and MOVE ON..

this not the end that i looking for..

i asked my self..did u smile today?

because giving someone one of our smile, may be the only sun shines he/she sees all day..

 Allah,help me to be strong..salam..


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buat Si Cantik Manis IR..:)

Entry kali ni sy wat khas utk cik IR ksygn saya..
Hepi Besday my dear..:)
nah!!!something utk tatapan mata awak yg brada jauh dr sy..

anyway mudah2an sempena meningkatnya umur cik IR smoga anda lebih bersemangat dan gembira dalam menempuh hari2 yang mendatang..tq for being my best fren..i always love u:)
Gudluck for ur upcoming paper my dear!!

p/s: sy edit utk men"comelkan" cik IR..hahaha

Sunday, September 18, 2011

T.E.R.I.M.A K.A.S.I.H ir


Alhamdulillah ats izin dari Dia sy msih mampu menghirup udara nyaman di "kampus kesayangan" sy ni..

Entry ni khas buat cik IR kesayangan sy..yang selalu ada dlm ingtn dan hati sy..terima kasih untuk post yg kamu buat sempena besday terkejut..tq! what unexpected suprise my dear(ne ada suprise pn utk ak kt cni :P)..luv u!
Anyway awak nyer lukisan rama2 ue cntik :)sy sukakannyer..terima kasih IR..

Buat IR ksygn sy..

terima kasih utk persahabatan yang telah kita jalinkan hmpir 5 tahun ni..mudah2an berkekalan hingga akhir hayat kita..syg sgt kt kamu! no one can ever replace u in my heart..actually an sy rindu sgt kt kmu..i wish i could celebrate ur upcoming besday together..badly misz u..huhuu(sy xdpt free cl okeh! sy dah dpt awal..hehehe)..

alaaaa....nk msukkn tenet slow sgt lah..waaa...

xpelah..anyway,terima kasih cik IR..can't wait for urs..

p/s: jgn lupe bg rame2 ue..heheh..tata..syg ko!!!
babai!n sori entry ni pndek..nati ak wat yg spesel utk ko tau..gudluck for final exam ida..moga kita berdua bejaya dunia akhirat:)